Smart Stadia and the Future of Fan Experience


On Demand Webinar

Join Colm Moran, Facility Manager & Event Controller at Thomond Park Stadium (the home of Munster Rugby) and James Murphy, Customer Success Manager at Over-C, as they discuss the ways in which IoT technology is revolutionising the fan experience seamlessly under our noses.

By adopting a Smart Stadium approach Thomond Park have seen several benefits and improvements in how they operate including:

  • Enriched Fan Experience
  • Better Decision Making
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
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Seeing is believing

If you are managing a high-footfall, high-risk public venue - such as a sports or entertainment arena, transport hub, shopping centre or leisure facility – how can you be certain that you’re delivering a clean, safe, secure and service-rich experience for customers?

How can you be sure that all of those critical safety, security, cleaning, maintenance and hospitality services are actually being done and done right? Learn more about how Thomond Park Stadium's 'Smart Stadium' approach to ensure a first-rate fan experience.


Ensuring Operational Visibility

Over-C gives directors total transparency of frontline activity and complete confidence that their venue is truly fit-for-purpose and able to deliver a first-rate visitor experience.


Optimising the Event Experience

Over-C deploys sensors across a venue, using location, sensor data and other inputs to trigger content and workflows at exactly the right time and place. This is monitored in real-time via a visual dashboard to provide a complete, auditable digital record of activity.


Exercising Cost Control

Over-C can identify superfluous activity so service levels and corresponding fees can be lowered accordingly. Over-C customers have also used the system to identify and replace under-performing contractors.